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The common Makefile and scripts

The common Makefile and scripts

The Makefile is used to compile the xfst and aspell source files, i.e. to make the programs. It is put to use by (being in gt/) writing the command make. Makefile takes target parameter from command line, that is GTLANG=<lang, for example (compiling the sme parser) make GTLANG=sme. Makefiles in general are documented in introductions to the program make, and the format of the makefiles used in this project is found in Appendix C of the Beesley and Karttunen book. The makefiles for the other languages follow the same layout, but they are simpler.

Makefile structure

The makefile contains variables defining tools and files to be used in compiling the programs. In the beginning of makefile are commonly used tools and files, and after those there are language specific variables.

The rest of the makefile is documented in sme makefile.

Common scripts

Common scripts to all languages are in gt/common/src/, and binaries of these scripts are in gt/common/bin/.