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Installation and use on Windows

Get Divvun

Download http://www.divvun.no/static_files/DivvunInstaller.exe or order a CD from the Sámi parliament, tel: +47 78 48 42 22.

Installation and use of the Divvun proofing tools on Windows

If you are upgrading from version 1, please uninstall the old version before installing version 2.

Insert the CD or click the download link - the installation application will start automatically.

1. Select installation language, that is, the interface language to be used during installation:

Choose installation language

2. To install the program, press the Install button.

Press the __Install__ button

3. To finish the installation, press the Finish button:

Finish the installation

Then the installation is finished.

Setting options in Windows to be able to write in Sami

1. To be able to type Sami letters you will have to open the Control Panel . Double click the icon Date, time, language and regional settings:

Date, time, language and regional settings

2. Now regional settings is open. Double click the icon Settings for region and language :

Double click the "Regional and language settings" icon

3. In this dialogue you choose the Language tab and then press the Details button:

Press the "Details" button

4. Press the Add... button. Now you can choose which language you would like to use. Choose Sami:

Choose Sami.

5. Close all windows and return to the Desktop.

6. When you want to write in Sami from now on, you click the language icon in the lower right corner on the desktop, and choose Sami :

Choose Sami keyboard setting when you write in Sami

Now the keyboard setting is tuned to Sami letters, e.g. the key "q" will give the letter "á" and the key "]" on a US keyboard (= the key "¨" on a Norwegian keyboard) will give the letter "ŋ" etc.

Use Divvun on Windows

In order for the Divvun tools to be able to help you, you have to tell the computer that you actually do intend to write in Sami, by choosing Sami as the language of your text.

1a. MS Office 2003: When you have opened MS Office you choose the menu Tools Languages Mark selected text as … Menu to choose Sami

1b. Office 2007: When you have opened MS Office you click the tab Se gjennom , where you chose Angi språk

2. In the emerging dialogue you choose Sami or Lule Sami . NB! Make sure that the box Identify language automatically is not ticked. If it is ticked, Office will guess the text is in languages other than Sami for a long time, and Divvun will not work as expected (most users report that it will eventually settle with the user's language setting, but that it takes time).

Choose language dialogue

3. Now you may start to write in Sami, and the program will then help you with your spelling. You may either right-click (ctrl-click) on words underlined with red, in which case it looks as follows:

Suggestion in menu

or you may start the speller in a separate window. Press the abc-button. The result is:
The spell checker in use


  • Open the Control Panel
    Windows Control Panel
  • Press Add or remove programs
  • Browse down to Sámi Proofing Tools and click the item
    Sami Proofing tools are marked
  • Click the Remove button.
  • When the removal process is finished, the Sámi Proofing Tools item in the list of installed programs will have disappeared
  • If you have the South Sámi beta installed and want to remove it, select SouthSamiSpellerBeta1 and click Change/Remove: