How the spellchecker is made

How the spellchecker is made

The spellchecker is made in close cooperation with the Sámi language technology project at the University of Tromsø. The Tromsø project has made programs that are able to both inflect and parse Sámi wordforms. This work is being used as basis for the Sámi spellcheckers.

The programmers prepare a working environment for the linguists, so that they may survey texts in order to test coverage (the spellers' ability to recognise correctly spelled words) and generation. The linguists add words that are missing in the lexica, and adjust the grammar of the analyser In this way, the lexica and grammar are improved and enlarged on a continuous basis.

Since the spellchecker shall be made for both Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, the project must support available technology on these platforms. We will make programs converting the format of the Tromsø project to formats appropriate for the different platforms and end user programs.

As the work proceeds, we will publish test versions of the spellers. These will be made available on our web pages so that people interested may download them and test them.

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