Overview plan

  • First alpha version in January 2006
  • Beta versions in January 2007
  • Final version in July 2007
  • Project is closed in september 2007

More detailed plan

In the time schedule below, the most important milestones for the products are marked with codes. These codes should be read as follows:

First functional version, is not linguistically complete, one may expect crash in the speller program, and perhaps in the host programs as well. The user manual is more or less unwritten, and not translated.
The spellcheckers are more or less finished and stable, user documentation is complete but not accessible in all languages, and not proofread. Linguistically the programs are more or less complete, but there may still be open issues, especially when it comes to Lule Sámi.
The spellcheckers are thoroughly tested, they are complete and stable. User documentation is proofread and translated to all the relevant languages, installation packages are complete and tested. The spellcheckers are accessible for ordinary usage.
Spellchecker based upon open source code, probably aSpell, accessible as independent component for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
Hyphenation integrated in Adobe InDesign for Mac (eventually Windows as well)
Spellchecker and hyphenation integrated in Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac.
Spellchecker, eventually hyphenation, integrated in OpenOffice.org, for all three operative systems.

The official timetable as it was decided by the project board in December 2004, with start- and enddates, and with milestones for every six months:

Oct. 1st, 2004:
Official kickoff, the project leader is appointed.
Jan. 1st, 2005:
Effective kickoff, all project workers employed.
Jul. 1st, 2005:
Deadline for public tender on the parts of the project that shall be outsourced. The infrastructure is ready, the project organsiation and communication work in a satisfactory manner.
Jan. 1st, 2006:
Contract with subcontractor is negotiated and isgned, cooperation with the subcontractors has started. The first version of an open-source based spellchecker for Northern Sámi is ready. (aSpell-ALPHA).
Jul. 1st, 2006:
First testversion of Northern Sámi and Lule Sámi spellchecker for office programs (MSOffice-ALPHA, OpenOffice.org-ALPHA), first testversion of Northern Sámi hyphenator (InDesign-ALPHA). Text collection is done.
Jan. 1st, 2007:
The second testversions of all the spellcheckers are ready (aSpell-BETA, MSOffice-BETA, OpenOffice.org-BETA, InDesign-BETA).
Jul. 1st, 2007:
The spellchechers are ready, and version 1.0 is released (aSpell-FINAL, MSOffice-FINAL, OpenOffice.org-FINAL, InDesign-FINAL).
sep. 30tt, 2007
The project is terminated, all documentation and project information is finished and delivered to a permanent maintenance organisation. Eventual errors from the 1.0 version are corrected.

Spellcheckers will always need to be updated, both linguistically (the language changes all the time) and technical (there are new versions of operative systems and programs). There will thus be necessary to have a permanent maintenance organisation to take care of both linguistic and technical updatings. Other tasks for this permanent organisation include initiating work with similar tools for Southern Sámi.

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